GLOBE Alliance (Global Leadership in Our Built Environment)

The GLOBE Alliance is a broad-based international action network of environmental, business, industry, financial, faith-based, academic and community organizations around the world who share a commitment to advocating for sustainable building practices as a key strategy for combating climate change.

A collaborative effort managed by the U.S. Green Building Council

The GLOBE Alliance at COP-17

See all the events at this year's UN Climate Talks geared toward green buildings, sustainable cities, and energy efficiency. Find more information and details here.

The Road to Rio +20: Exploring the Role of Buildings and Cities in the Green Economy

The U.N. Environment Programme, World Business Council on Sustainable Development, and the U.S. Green Building Council are launching an event series to highlight examples of the green economy in action, with focus on energy efficiency in buildings and sustainable cities. Read more

Leading Business and Environmental Groups Urge Action on Buildings and Cities at U.N. Climate Summit

Cancun (Dec. 7) - As delegates work to advance a new global climate change pact at the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change conference, 40 environmental and business organizations joined forces to urge governments to prioritize reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment and increase investment in this sector. Read more

COP-16 Call to Action

GLOBE Alliance Announces Call for Partners at Greenbuild Conference and Expo

Chicago (Nov. 17) - Press Release

“Sustainable and cost-efficient buildings are the future of Chinese real estate. In GLOBE, we now have a way to unite voices from around the world on the importance of green development in China and elsewhere, which will help us achieve cleaner cities today and a cleaner future for our children tomorrow.” – Mr. Lun Feng, Chairman, China Urban Realty Association Green Building Committee

What other partners are saying

A Call for Leadership

The magnitude of the building sector’s impact on our environment argues for a change in the way we construct, operate, and even imagine buildings; yet it has up until now failed to compel those most dedicated to fighting climate change on a global scale. GLOBE, an international coalition composed of the most powerful voices in environmentalism, finance, and business, seeks to educate decision makers and world leaders on the unparalleled opportunities that buildings present and to influence critical-path policy discussions on a global scale.

The GLOBE Alliance aims to elevate sustainable building practices as a widespread, cost-negative carbon mitigation strategy, illustrate the inextricable connection between sustainable development and other urgent environmental and humanitarian issues in the developing world, and call on industrialized nations to lead by example. In the face of urgency, we are calling for Global Leadership in Our Built Environment.

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